1.in the cost reconciliation report under the fifo method, the costs

1.In the cost reconciliation report under the FIFO method, the costs to be accounted for equals the cost of beginning work in process inventory plus the cost of units transferred out.

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2. When the predetermined overhead rate is based on direct labor-hours, the amount of overhead applied to a job is proportional to the estimated amount of direct labor-hours for the job.

True of False.

3. Last year Easton Corporation reported sales of $720,000, a contribution margin ratio of 30% and a net loss of $24,000. Based on this information, the break-even point was:     

a. $880,000

b. $640,000

c. $744,000

d. $800,000

4.Holdt Inc. produces and sells a single product. The selling price of the product is $230.00 per unit and its variable cost is $66.70 per unit. The fixed expense is $212,290 per month. The break-even in monthly unit sales is closest to:     

a. 1,300

b. 1,802

c. 923

d. 3,183


Steeler Corporation is planning to sell 100,000 units for $2.00 per unit and will break even at this level of sales. Fixed expenses will be $75,000. What are the company’s variable expenses per unit?     

a. $0.75

b. $1.25

c. $1.10

d. $1.00

6.The use of a predetermined overhead rate in a job-order cost system makes it possible to compute the total cost of a job before production is begun.     

True of False