A River Runs Through It

Must have seen the Movie A River Runs Through it(1992)           A River Runs Through It           The famous film critic Roger Ebert gave this movie 5 stars and said, “Fly-fishing stands for    life in this movie. If you can learn to do it correctly, to read the river and the fish and yourself, and to do what needs to be done without one wasted motion, you will have attained some of the grace and economy needed to live a good life. If you can do it and understand that the river, the fish and the whole world are God’s gifts to use wisely, you will have gone the rest of the way.”    In an essay of approximately 2 pages and using this quote above, develop your own thesis as to how this quote applies to any one of the major characters. Try to use as much film terminology and information from the unit on the syllabus as possible. Explain how this quote applies to the character of Paul Mcclean throughout the movie. Use scenes in the movie as examples throughout the film. develop a good thesis statement using his character as an example Use the terms attached in the syllabus when writing this paper I           *Remember that names of films are in italics!

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A River Runs Through It
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