Academic Integrity

Please review the Academic Integrity statement listed in the syllabus for our class and review the following three brief web pages at Owl @ Purdue 1. Overview of Plagiarism and Contradictions 2. Avoiding Plagiarism/Safe Practices Write two-three paragraphs about academic integrity and plagiarism. Consider and answer the following questions when writing your response: 1) Based on what you read, what is your definition of plagiarism?  2) How can you avoid plagiarism? Cite specific tips from the readings. (Use signal phrase and an in-text citation) 3) Why is academic integrity so important?  4) What happens if a student plagiarizes?  5) Did the readings help you understand anything specific about plagiarism that you didn’t already know? Be specific. To show your full understanding of plagiarism, be sure to cite any borrowed material or referenced material in your response by using proper MLA documentation. This means you will need to include in-text citations and works cited entry. Review specifics in your textbooks for more details or use the OWL website.

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Academic Integrity
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