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Let’s assume you are working for the LIAN’LISE EQUITY ANALYTICALCOMPANY (LEAC), as a Senior Equity Investments Analyst. You are requested by the Investment Committee (IC) members to present at their next IC Meeting(19 October 2019) of the LEAC to do a company analysis of 4 (four) Companies listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) and provide detailed recommendation whether they should either BUY, HOLD or SELL these companies. Furthermore, with supportive evidence, indicate whether each company applied the NamCode or not. Lastly, with respect to the new FinancialInstitutions and Markets Bill, that is due to be passed in the Namibian parliament; you are required to indicate whether and how the new FIM Bill will affect each of these Companies & at large Namibia.Hint:

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Accounting Assignment | Buy Homework Help
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A company analysis should include but is not limited to the following:? Firm overview, including information on operations, governance & SWOT.? Industry characteristics? Product demand? Product costs? Pricing environment? Financial ratios, with comparisons to other firms over time (Competitive advantage).? Projected financial statements & company valuationNote: A firm Return on Equity (ROE) should be part & parcel of thefinancial analysis. i.e The ROE is a function of profitability, total assetturnover & financial leverage (debt). Get Accounting Help Today