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Sell or Process Further Turner Manufacturing Company makes a partially completed assembly unit that it sells for $48 per unit. Normally, 30,000 units are sold each year. Variable unit cost data on the assembly are as follows: Direct material Direct labor Variable manufacturing overhead 9 The company is now using only 75% of its normal capacity, it could fully use its normal capacity by processing the assembly further and selling it for 556 per unit. If the company does this, material and labor costs will each increase by $2 per unit and variable overhead will go up by $1 per unit. Fixed costs will increase from the current level of $125,000 to $160,000. Prepare an analysis showing whether Turner should process the assemblies further. Use a negative sign with answer to only indicate a loss from processing assemblies further; otherwise do not use negative signs with your answers. Sell of Process Further Differential Analysis Differential revenue Differential costs Direct material Direct labor Variable overhead Fixed costs Additional income foss) from processing further