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Part 1 (20 points) The only order available at the at the McSandwich drive-in is the McCubano consisting of 1 large drink, 2 cubano sandwiches and 1 fries. A work sampling study performed on the cook over three 8-hour (8 hr shift=480 min) shifts showed the data in the table below. During these three shifts, 200 McCubanos were sold. Working Performance IIIII IIIIIIIIII Rating 120% IIIII IIIII II Idle ΙΙΙΙΠ ΙΙΙΙΙ ΙΙΙΙΙ ΙΙΙΙΙ ΙΙΙ What % of the time is the cook working? (3 points) % working What % of the time is the cook idle? (3 points) % idle What is the relative error of this study assuming that the confidence level required is 95% for the working activity? (4 points) Relative Error Determine the standard time for one McCubano. Consider that the cook stands all day and receive a 2% allowance. Assume also that he receives the typical 5 % for personal needs and the 4% for basic fatigue allowance. Also include a 4% allowance for heat and fumes. (10 points)