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Jarrett is buying all the assets and assuming all the liabilities of Suzie Corporation. The following information is available for Suzie’s at the date of the purchase: Accounts Receivable 250,000 Accounts payable 150,000 Inventory 100,000 Note Payable 100,000 Land 300,000 Common Stock 100,000 Retained Earnings 300,000 The accounts receivable are worth $200,000, the inventory is worth $80,000 and the land is worth $500,000. The Accounts Payable are worth book value. Additionally, the Note Payable debt is payable interest only at 10% per year for the next 5 years and then the principal is due. The current interest rate for similar debt is 12%. Jarrett will pay $650,000 for Suzie’s. Approximately, how much of the purchase price will Jarrett debit to goodwill? O A. $ 124,804 OB. $ 112,790 OC. Some other number which is not here OD. $ 120,000 E. $ 117,790