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Requirement 2 (pt. 1): both revenue and data cost, only cost data, only revenue data,

Requirement 2 (pt. 2): a cost center, an investment center, a profit center, a revenue center

Requirement 3: Contribution margin, Net sales revenue, Traceable fixed expenses, Variable expenses

Requirement 4 (pt. 1): favorable as well as unfavorable variances, only favorable variances, only unfavorable variances

Requirement 4 (pt. 2): indicate that the budget was prepared correctly, may indicate costs are being cut that might impact future operations, result in greater profits to the company

Requirement 5 (pt. 1): are, are not

Requirement 5 (pt. 2): fixed budget, revenue center performance report, (sales volume variance, not the flexible budget variance)

Requirement 5 (pt. 3): actual prices and costs varying from standards, sales volume variances

Requirement 6 (pt. 1): not place as much weight on each of the variances which exceeds $8,000, place equal weight on all variances, place more weight on the variable expense variance

Requirement 7 (pt. 1): customer, financial, internal business, learning and growth

Requirement 7 (pt. 2): customer, financial, internal business, learning and growth

Requirement 7 (pt. 3): lag, lead

Requirement 7 (pt. 4): forecast future performance, measure the results of past decisions

Requirement 8 (pt. 1): Customer perspective, Financial perspective, Internal business perspective, Learning and growth perspective

Requirement 8 (pt. 2): customer satisfaction rating, hours spent training employees, number of new products developed, return on investment, sales revenue growth.

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