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Buying a car is the topic


For this assignment, you must prepare a Project Schedule for your Personal Project. You have two weeks to complete this assignment. Buying a car is the topic

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  • Create an Activity Network Diagram Project Schedule for your Personal Project
  • Your final deliverable can be either a MS WORD document or a .pdf file. or an .mpp file
  • Submit your document to the instructor via Canvas


  • The format of a standard Activity Network Project Schedule varies from one organization to another. You can see a good example of an Activity Network Project Schedule in the Pinto text Chapter 9, Figure 9.20. In a larger organization with a Project Management Office (PMO), the PMO dictates a standard format of key project deliverables, such as a Activity Network Project Schedule. 
  • If you work for an organization that has a standard template for a Activity Network Project Schedule, feel free to use your organization’s format. If you would like to use MS Project for completing this assignment, you can create a Activity Network Project Schedule in the format depicted in figure 9.13 in Chapter 9 of the text. The process to create the activity network in MS Project is described in the text in Chapter 9 with “Example 9.1”, and is covered in more depth in Appendix B.
  • Or, alternatively, you can simply create a drawing in an PC-based drawing tool (such as MS Visio) with the final schedule in the format depicted in figure 9.20 in Chapter 9 of your text.

Once you have created your WBS in MS Project, creating the schedule is relatively easy. 

Basically, beginning with each work package in the WBS, you must add the following in MS Project.

1. Each task (work package) should be linked to its PREDECESSOR and SUCCESSOR tasks.  That is, you know you cannot start on the task until predecessor tasks are completed.  Each predecessor/successor must be identified in MS Project.

2. Each task should be assigned a duration.  That is, how long will it take to complete this task.  This can be entered in minutes, hours or days.  But you must use the same timeframe for all tasks in your plan. 

3. Each task should be assigned a start date. 

Once these items have been entered into MS Project, it will automatically draw your Network Activity Diagram project schedule for you. And, the it will ALSO draw the GANTT chart for you.  So if you use MS Project to complete THIS assignment for you, you will pretty much be done with the NEXT assignment as well.