Africa in the Philosophy of Culture

The assignment is one page and needs two paragraphs for each reading.Each entry should be between 150 and 200 words. They should include the citation, summary and evaluation of the source.An annotated bibliography usually contains three parts:Source Citation: Like a regular bibliography, an annotated bibliography providesproper citation information for each source. Remember that historians usually useChicago style. Visit our citation section for information about formatting your citations.Your professor may allow other styles, such as MLA; check which style your professorrecommends.Source Summary: The first part of your entry will summarize the source concisely.Aim not to dazzle your professor with extensive detail, but to state briefly the topic andmain argument of your source. If you are annotating a secondary source, in addition tosummarizing the main idea, you will want to give information about how the source isorganized, the main types of evidence the author relies on, and how the author makeshis or her argument. If you are annotating a primary source, in addition to the mainidea, explain the type of source (e.g. a letter, newspaper, census report, etc.), identify the(include the author’s position and other information to help the reader understandthe writer’s perspective and why s/he was in a position to create the source), and statethe author’s intended audience.Source Evaluation: Your source evaluation explains how the source contributes to aparticular topic. If you are producing an annotated bibliography in anticipation ofwriting a research paper, your professor might ask you to consider exactly how you willuse the source in your paper. What does the source do for your argument? Is it one ofthe key pieces of evidence supporting your case? Does it offer crucial backgroundinformation? Does it present a counterpoint to your argument that you need to address?Other professors might want you to focus more on an evaluation of the source itself. Inthis case, be sure to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the source. Did you findthe argument persuasive? If so, explain what made the argument work well. Were youunconvinced by some of the author’s claims? If so, explain why. You will also want toput the source into the context of the field as a whole. What does this source teach usthat we did not know before? Is it filling in a particular gap in the field? Is it refuting along-held assumption? Authors will often explain how they understand the contributionof their work, so begin by looking in the introduction for such information.

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Africa in the Philosophy of Culture
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