American Film and Culture

The following are just some things to consider, a start of the conversation. You certainly don’t need to address all of these directly. Responding to one or two points—and noting anything else you find salient—would be great. Above all, please refer to particular terms, concepts, or arguments from the week’s assigned texts. Quoting or paraphrasing key passages helps indicate a rigorous engagement, and is required for full credit.While Belton focuses on the melodrama in the silent era, and Hansen addresses The Crowd as an example of the Mass Ornament in the early 20th century, are there any aspects of this that we might see in more contemporary examples?The Crowd is primarily about the individual’s resistance/acceptance of the mass, and Sunrise is primarily about the competing values and lifestyles of the city and country; but perhaps you see some visual or thematic similarities. What might these suggest about conceptions of the city?This is our only silent film for the course. You may not watch many silent films, and the approach may seem unusual. But they are well worth watching and studying, not least because they cannot rely upon dialogue to convey information or emotion. Consider how Vidor and/or Murnau (who uses very few inter titles in his films) tell their stories visually. How or why might this work here, but not work if there were sound?No need for citations

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American Film and Culture
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