Analysis of APN Practice

In this scholarly paper, you are assigned a U.S. State,(INDIANA) and will write relevant APN (Advanced Practice Nurse) statute from the Nurse Practice Act and APN Rules and Regulations. You should compare and contrast practice environments between your assigned state and New Jersey.Analysis of APN Practice Regulations Paper CRITERIA:1) Introduction with thesis statement is clearly stated2) Background information/comparison with New Jersey:•    How is the APN or APRN defined? What are the minimum educational and/or practice hour requirements for the APN in the state you chose compared to N.J.? Masters? Doctorate?•    Does the APN also need to maintain an R.N. license?  Does the APN have to be board certified by the state? A National certification? i.e., ANCC? AANP?•    What is needed to maintain your license? How many CEUS, CMEs? Clinical hours?____________________________________________________________•    Is the APN required to have a collaboration agreement or joint protocols between the APN and collaborating M.D.? What needs to be in the collaboration agreement or joint protocol? What needs to be in the joint protocol? Where is a copy of the collaboration agreement or joint protocol mandated to be located?•    Describe the prescriptive authority of the APN in the state versus N.J. Can the APN prescribe controlled substances? What classes? What certifications are needed? DEA? CDS? Where do you obtain this?_____________________________________________________•    What is needed for hospital privileges- describe?•    Any restrictions for the APN? Can the APN open his/ her own business?•    Can APN provide palliative end of life care? Prescribe home health care? Physical therapy?•    Other information can be included: Review what is a nursing compact – does this apply to APN’s?   ________________________________________________ 3) Conclusions and summary of key pointsThe organization is logical, coherent, and written wellGrammar and use of APA Format (7th edition)Total points100%

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Analysis of APN Practice
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