Analytical research report – your company currently uses e-mail as

Students will develop a written analytical research report (100 Pts. Maximum) to be submitted as follows:

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Analytical research report – your company currently uses e-mail as
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Mandatory inclusions: 

1. Title Page

1b. Table of Contents

2.  Introduction

3.  Criteria (Body of Report)

4.  Conclusions and Recommendations

5.  References

     a. Cite references within the body and on a separate Reference page.

6.  Executive summary (put as the page right after the Title Page of the report); complete after writing the report. 

7.  Two visual aids (chart, graph, etc.  Keep it simple.Make sure your visual aids are labeled appropriately.)


  1.  Use MSWord. Business reports are not typed in .pdf. 

  2.  Use the MLA Style for citing references as shown at:

  3.  Use narrative style format – see attached example paper as a reference.

  4.  Complete sentences, spell check and grammar check

  5.  Arial or Times New Roman, 12 Pt, or another equally as easy to read (i.e. Cambria and Calibri.)

  6. 1-inch margins on all sides

  7.  Headings and sub-headings

  8.  Double space the paper (MLA Style)

10.  Paragraph indentions:  One-half inch

11.  Paginate (use page numbers to include your last name and current page… ex. Durkee – 3) NOTE: The first page of the body of the report would be numbered, for example…  Durkee -1 (always in the upper right corner) DO NO number the title page.

Your company currently uses e-mail as its primary form of internal communication. This works quite well for most correspondence. However, there are times when you need an even faster response from employees than e-mail allows. You want employees to start using instant messaging. You do some research to determine how this would work, what instant messaging system would be best for your company’s needs, and what the cost would be. Present your findings and recommendations. Prove that instant messaging would improve internal communication.