Assignment 2 (min 3pg+work cited pg)

Assignment 2

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Assignment 2 (min 3pg+work cited pg)
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Topic: Civil Liberties & Civil Rights

Subject: Seadrift, Texas 1979

This is a part of Texas history rarely talked about in the classroom or in Texas based history textbooks.

Instructions: Students will research the events and circumstances of events that took place in the town of Seadrift, Texas in 1979 that drew international attention to the plight of Vietnames refugee fishmen and local towns folks.

Using your own independent research and information found in the two articles below, students will write a minimum 3-page paper linking the social issues of civil liberties and civil rights that played out in the events of 1979.

Your work must be your own.  You must identify and assess the issues that created the situation that gave rise to the unexpected outcome of this story.  Your analysis must include an understanding of the cultural differences/similarities and the challenges on both sides of the issues.

You must cite any sources that you may use in your paper including the ones below.  Cite in APA format only.  No citations (automatic 10 point deduction).

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