Assistive Technology for Support

Being the parent(s) of a child with special needs or an adult with a disability is a difficult reality for many. Assistive and adaptive technology is life-changing. To assist parents and adults in their initial understanding of the technologies available, select ONE of the 13 IDEA identified disability categories and design a  bi-fold pamphlet (3 pages, front and back) that can be used to inform them of the following:Terminology specific to the technology specific to the selected disabilityThe variety of options available to support the person with the selected disability, include at least 5 devices, software or technologies)The rights of the person in regard to access to and use of the technology, citing at least one law or government regulationA summary or outline of the process used to determination how the technology is acquiredFocus the technologies selected and the disability category selected on your own future profession.Use the two-fold brochure template from Microsoft Word or download one of these templates (Links to an external site.) to design a flier that details the basic information about the technologies selected.Submit your flier to the Assignment Submission drop box.You may only submit a Word document! (no PDF, Publisher, or other file type will be accepted)See the gradebook for the grading rubric.

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Assistive Technology for Support
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