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1. What does behavioral finance have to offer to senior corporate managers (CEOs) that may help them in doing their jobs at publicly held companies?  (Hint:  First you may want to list what senior corporate managers like CEOs do) Be sure to address all the key functions that senior corporate managers like CEOs do at their companies.


2. Why is valuation a central piece in the finance profession?


3. (A.)  What are specific risks associated with retirement saving/planning?  From  both a traditional finance and behavioral finance persepctive.


  (B)  What can you, as a future retiree, do about the above risks that you listed?  In other words, and as you plan and save for retirement, how can you manage and mitigate the above-listed risks?  In your answers make sure to include and explain any available mode(s) that behavioral finance academics and professionals have offered.



 (C.) How much control do you think you have over your own retirement savings?  In other words, after all said in done in above, do you really think you can reasonably count on your retirement savings at the time of your retirement? Yes or no and explain