Behavioral Modification Therapy for Obesity and Related Diseases

Literature Review Paper OverviewA literature review is one of the most important types of scholarly papers. Literature reviews examine abody of research, integrate findings from different studies, critically examine state of field, summarizewhat is known and not known, pointing way forward for researchers.The purpose of this activity is to guide students through steps of developing a literature review.Although the assignment includes a considerable amount of writing, the assignment largely focuses onthe preparatory work involved in reviewing a research literature.StepsThe literature paper assignment is divided into seven steps. For each step, students will be giveninstructions to follow and will have a graded written assignment to complete.Step 1: Select a Topic Students will select a topic to review. The review must pertain to the psychology of learning.Due January 27Step 2: Survey the Literature Students will survey the research literature and identify appropriate articles to include in thereview.Due February 3Step 3: Establish the Scope and Purpose of the Review After broadly surveying the research literature, students will decide how to limit the review (forexample, the review can be limited to particular years and/or subtopics). Students will alsodecide the purpose of the review.Due February 3Step 4: Create an Annotated Bibliography Students will critically examine eight research articles that fit with the scope and purpose of thereview.Due February 10Step 5: Evaluation of the Literature Students will identify and describe three main findings from their review of the literature.Due February 17Step 6: Looking Ahead Students will identify avenues for future research on this topic to explore.Due February 17Step 7: Final Report Students will compose a written review of the topic they explored.Due February 24GradingThe seven assignments for Paper 1 are worth a combined 120 points. Students will be graded primarilyon the completeness and accuracy of the review. Writing quality and adherence to APA formattingrequirements will also be graded.

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Behavioral Modification Therapy for Obesity and Related Diseases
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