Behind Closed Doors

BOOK: Behind closed doors by B.A Parisread this book and do a book review on it.LINKS THAT WERE ON INSTRUCTIONS PAGE:————————————————————————————–check the pdf out it explains the instructions for the book review please read it carefully as it explains what is required and also down below it shows the rubric i will be graded on of course i am aiming for 100 so focus on reading that part.also it says that the due date is march 26 that is FALSE the CORRECT due date is february 26 that is when i will need the book review done.the word count is between 700-1000 words ofcourse i would suggest to go over 700 words however dont go over 1000 wordsalso you must do some research on the author and talk about her in the review and your main goal in the book review is to get others to read this book you SHOULD NOT hate on the author nor the says it needs to be aesthetically pleasing dont worry about that once i get the essay i will put it in the write format.CITE YOUR COURCES, you have to talk about the author so obviously you have to use websites so cite them and also cite quotes that you used in the book with their page numbers.also dont spoil the book this review is to encourage others to read it of course you can mention the best moments however don’t spoil it.also my teacher LOVES quote dropping, for example she loves when your writing and then suddenly between the lines drop in some quotes so i would suggest to do that and bring some quotes from the book and drop them suddenly between the lines. dont say “for example in the quote “shaksbsjsbska” the author…. ” no you could be like, “when she finally found her mother “mom is that you?” was when i knew…” THIS IS AN teacher is a really tough grader i really need this to be well done.

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Behind Closed Doors
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