Beliefs about Nursing

PHILOSOPHY PAPER GUIDELINESI. PURPOSEWhen you entered this program, you believed certain things about nursing. Your beliefs may have changed or been reinforced through your study and experience. Analyzing what you currently believe about the concept of nursing should promote a better understanding of how your values and beliefs will influence your behaviors as a professional nurse.II. CONTENTDescribe your beliefs about Nursing. Support your statements with references. Address at least four of the following aspects.1. What do you believe is the major goal of Nursing?2. What do you believe is the major role of the Nurse?3. What are the unique functions/characteristics of professional nursing that differentiate our practice from that of otherhealth care professionals?4. Describe what you believe about Nursing’s accountability to the client, providers, community, and society.5. What do you believe are the essential cognitive, affective, and behavioral characteristics of the professional nurse?6. How do you define commitment and what behaviors evidence a “committed professional nurse”?Format – A typed, five-page paper with references in APA style. Cite references (dictionary is not considered reference source). Prefer references that are less than 5 years old.

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Beliefs about Nursing
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