Big Boy Vs Little Man

BADM215WRITING ASSIGNMENT 01Your assignment is to IRAC the following fact pattern. Copyright Infringement.  Big Boy Enterprises, Ltd., develops and markets video enter¬tainment systems, including the “Freedom” console and video game cartridges.  Little Man, Inc., is an independent developer, manufacturer, and marketer of computer entertain¬ment software, including game cartridges that are compatible with Freedom and other computer systems.  Big Boy licenses its copyrighted computer code and its trademark to de¬velopers of Freedom-compatible games in competition with Big Boy.  Little Man chose not to purchase a license from Big Boy, however, but to reverse engineer Big Boy’s games to discover the requirements of the code that would make Little Man’s games compatible with Freedom.  As part of the reverse engineering, Little Man transformed the machine-read¬able object code contained in Big Boy’s game cartridges into human-readable source code us¬ing a process called “disassembly.”  At the end of the process, Little Man created a manual that incorporated the information it had discovered about the requirements for a Freedom-compatible game.  The manual did not include any of Big Boy’s code.  With the manual, Little Man created a new computer code; with this code, Little Man developed Freedom-com¬patible games.  Big Boy sued Little Man, claiming, among other things, that Little Man’s dis¬assembly of its computer program constituted copyright infringement.  Little Man con¬tended that its disassembly of the code was a fair use.  How should the court rule?  Use the IRAC format to dis¬cuss fully. You will need to read the IRAC INSTRUCTIONS and review the IRAC SAMPLE, which are located within the folder IRAC INFORMATION in the Course Documents, before you begin to IRAC the given question.  What you will turn in is the full text of the question (FACTS), followed by each element of the IRAC format (Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion).  See the basic example on the next page for the correct format. Do not deviate from this precise format.  You may adjust the margins and the fonts when necessary.  However, I would ‘prefer’ that your answers be in 12 point font or greater.When writing your responses use as many applicable ‘key words’ as possible.  Make sure that you are using them correctly.  Never take credit for work that is not yours.  When in doubt, use quotation marks and tell where the information came from.  You must be concise and do not exceed more than one page of written material.  Make only one submission to Assignments for this assignment.  Use your best writing skills, remember to spell check at least three times, and save, save, save that hard work that you have done. THE NAME OF THE ASSIGNMENT IS ASSIGNMENT 01. REMEMBER THE RULES    Writing Assignments: All writing assignments must be turned in through Assignments in (1) Rich Text Format.  If you do not submit it in Assignments and in Rich Text Format the assignment will receive a zero.  (2) When saving any assignment, be sure your last name is the first word in the title of the document, followed by your first name, then followed by the name of the assignment.DOE JOHN                                  BADMASSIGNMENT 00FACTS:        0-0    TYPE OF CASE  000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000          .”APPLICATION:    000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000           CONCLUSION:    0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

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Big Boy Vs Little Man
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