Biography on the Life of Nelson Mandela

This biography is for an International Human Rights class, not really a “History” class. The purpose of this biography is to explain the life of a chosen person who had an impact on advancing human rights, and how they made that impact. The chosen person for this biography is Nelson Mandela.The biography should be written in MLA format, with three sources cited in the bibliography on the final page.(IMPORTANT PART)- The biography should contain the following elements:Brief personal sketch of the subject (Nelson Mandela) – What is their background? How did they get involved in advocacy?Brief issue overview – What is the human rights challenge in question? Why did it generate advocacy?Advocacy strategy – What did your subject (Nelson Mandela) do to advance human rights? What methods did they use? Were they successful? Why or why not?Controversies – Is there anything controversial about your subject (Nelson Mandela), their cause, or their strategy?Legacy – What is the overall impact of your subject (Nelson Mandela) on international human rights? How should they be remembered?

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Biography on the Life of Nelson Mandela
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