Black Live Matters

Topic: Discuss of a short story and black live matters. A) 1. In an 1100 word essay discuss how “The Finkelstein 5”, by Nana Kwame Adjei Brenyah exemplifies the literary use of satire. 2. You should include a definition of satire as support for analysis. 3. In your evaluation consider how she uses statistics, facts, vivid illustration, and expert opinion in support of her main argument. 4. Analyze racial inequality through the use of satiric elements such as wit, irony, and exaggeration. B) The essay must include: 1. At least 3 direct quotations from the story 2. At least 1 quotation from the documentary 13th, by Ava DuVernay 3. At least 1 direct quotation from black lives matter: Sentencing.

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Black Live Matters
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