Blu-ray and HD-DVD

Q1. Both Blu-ray and HD-DVD seem to be equally capable technologies. Why did Blu-ray win in the war? Has the video on demand (VOD) trend made DVD obsolete? Why or why not?Q2. What are the key factors that determine the winner of a standard war (DVD, Betamax vs. VHS, etc.)?Q3. In other sectors in which IT has had a transforming effect, rapid progress has been catalyzed by wise technology choices that open up markets to competition and innovation, why has this not occurred in healthcare yet?  Why is it hard to achieve a common standard in EHR adoption? What are your recommendations for improving the interoperability of EHR platforms?q4. List one major takeaway (what you learned from studying the case), q5. List one concept from the “Required Readings” that is relevant and useful to analyze the case,

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Blu-ray and HD-DVD
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