Boatlift Video

You must write a 600-word analysis of the documentary video, Boatlift, using the following directions:  1) Watch director Eddie Rosenstein’s documentary video, produced by Eyepop Productions (8 September. USA, 2011), titled, Boatlift. Here is the YouTube link for the video: Rosenstein, Eddie. Boatlift – An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience. Eyepop Productions. Youtube, 7 Sept. 2011. www.  1) After you have watched the video, answer the following question: What actions do the ship captains and crews take in the video that could lead viewers to consider the participants as heroes?  2) If you can safely do it, which can be by email message, show or ask an adult to watch this documentary (MUST be 18 years old or over). Ask the person to tell or write you his or her opinion about the video: To whom did you show it? What is his or her opinion? Write their comments into your essay.  3) Read and use two quotes in your essay from at least two different research selections that are listed below. Put your sources into MLA Style when you write your essay. Research Sources for Boatlift:

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Boatlift Video
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