Breast Implant Removal

APA format: Paper must be three pages in length (not including title page), double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font; 1” margins.Title page3 page reportReference page Resources: A minimum of three approved sources must be used to support your information. Wikipedia is not a valid site and should not be used. These sources must be used within the text of the report and included in the Reference page at the end of the report. Do not plagiarize.I. IntroductionA. In surgery trends of 2020, more and more women are electively having their breast implants removed. While many claim health concerns as the reason, it is also suggested that this is due to the growing trend toward body positivity and a more natural, unvarnished look over the recent years.B. What is Breast Explant Surgery and why is it trending?II. Recent increase in popularitA. 34% rise since 2017B. Who is having it doneC. Elective vs. coveredIII. Why have breast explant surgery?A. Personal preferenceB. Medical ComplicationsC. Culture ShiftD. Pros/cons of removalIV. RecoveryA. What recovery looks likeB. Life after implantsC. Emotional recoveryV. ConclusionA. Your body, the most important factor in this decision is how the patient will feel afterward.References:https://www.breastimplantillness.com

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Breast Implant Removal
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