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Brighton Manufacturing is considering three capital investment proposals. At this time, Brighton only has funds available to pursue one of the three investments (Click the icon to review the proposals.) Which investment should Brighton pursue at this time? Why? to compare Since each investment requires a different initial investment and presents a positive NPV, Brighton Manufacturing should use the the profitability of each investment. Select the labels for the evaluation measure you determined above. Enter the amounts into the formula, beginning with Equipment A, and calculate the amount you will use to evaluate each investment. (Enter all amounts as positive numbers. Round the evaluation measure to two decimal places, X.XX.) Equipment A Equipment B Equipment C Decision: Brighton should invest in Equipment because the evaluation measure is than the other proposed investments. A Data Table Equipment a Present value of net cash inflows ush indows Equipment A Equipment B $ 1,775,424 $ 2,547,135 $ (1,467,293) (2,070,841) 308,131 $ 476,294 $ Equipment C 2,014,650 (1,692,983 321,667 Initial Investment NPV Print Print Done Done