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 In this assignment, we define a new ADT (class) which we call a BrowserHistory. You will be required to give two different implementations that inherit from the parent BrowserHistory class, as described below. BrowserHistoryA: One way to implement the
BrowserHistory is to use the STL list class. BrowserHistoryB: Another way to implement the BrowserHistory is to use the STL vector class. Use the input file weblog_unique.txt as input data. Create a container class called BrowserHistory. Two classes must inherit
from BrowserHistory: BrowserHistoryA and BrowserHistoryB as described above. Restrict the size of each container to 50 urls maximum. Create functions for your implementation that includes at a minimum the following functions. You decide which class or classes
the functions should belong to. A function for adding an item to the history that properly handles overflow when the history is full as directed above. A function for displaying the most recently added page in the history. A function for displaying the entire
history. A client program that uses all of the functions of your classes. The client function should call the display function after loading the entire input file to demonstrate its contents. If the overflow is handled correctly, the history should contain
the last 50 urls from the input file. 

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