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Burlington Internet Services is an Internet service provider for commercial and residential customers. The company provided the following data for its two types of customers for the month of August: Click the icon to view the contribution margin income statement.) For each type of customer, determine both the contribution margin per customer and the contribution margin ratio. Round to two decimal places. Which type service is more profitable? Calculate the contribution margin per customer. Begin by selecting the formula labels, then enter the amounts and calculate the contribution margin per customer for each business segment (Round your answer to the nearest cents.) Contribution margin per customer Commercial Residential Calculate the contribution margin ratio. Select the formula, then calculate the contribution margin ratio for each business segment. (Round to two decimal places-the nearest hundredth percent-X.XX%.) – Contribution margin ratio 1 Commercial Residential Which type service is more profitable? The business segment had the highest contribution margin ratio. Choose from any list or enter any number in the input fields and then continue to the next question mize 12:00 PM AD 4/29/2020 UUTTUUUUULT Targill i Data Table Total ald Number of Customers 2,000 % Commercial Residential 900 1,100 126,000 $ 99,000 $ 30.240 39,600 Service Revenue 225,000 69,840 Variable Costs Contribution Margin 95,760 59,400 155,160 56,000 Fixed Costs re 99,160 Operating Income less Print (Done] Print Done