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#1 Elona Shtopaku

TuesdayOct 24 at 1:20pm

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“The coach has to help the person learn the requisite attitude, behavior and skills needed to perform the job successfully within the agreed success parameters.” (Chakravarthy 2011) Coaching is as simple as the word itself. Like in sports, coaching occurs in the organization to help employees with a skill and continue to keep that focus. When there is a goal set in that firm, managers change their manager hat into a coach. They coach to that specific employee’s need and opportunity. On the other hand, mentoring is “Mentoring focuses on the individual and the conversation transcends more broadly into the general work life. This means the interaction can be more philosophical, more focused on attitudes and behaviors than on specific skills. “(Chakravarthy 2011) In mentoring, it becomes a more general need than a specific need. When I get asked to mentor someone, it means that I am giving them a glimpse of what my day to day activities are in my job role, but not coaching them to get there. They are learning from shadowing me and hopefully be able to do it on their own.

“The ultimate purpose of either coaching or mentoring is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals so that they canincrease their performance on the task for which they receive coaching or mentoring.” (Chakravarthy 2011) I think this is very important to remember because both coaching and mentoring are there for support and to help others grow. I have been lucky enough in my career where I have and I am doing both. I use coaching in daily basis with my direct reports where I sit down and coach them on how to build relationships with customers, how to make effective calls, how to be effective in time management. All these things I do it through coaching them and being hands on in the process as well. On the other hand, I mentor employees who would like to be in my position. I walk them through my day, my daily meeting, daily debrief, and explaining to them what my job role and job function is. Yesterday, I went and met with my HRM mentor who I am utilizing to shift within my organization into that role. As a mentor, she is helping me network with others in the same field, walking me through her day and answering any questions or concerns that I may have.

Chakravarthy, P. (2011, December 20). The difference between coaching and mentoring (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Forbes. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/infosys/2011/12/20/business-leadership-for-smarter-org-2/Links to an external site.

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#2 Heather beck

TuesdayOct 24 at 7:47pm

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According to Chakravarthy coaching “ has a more important task at hand. The coach has to help the person lean the attitude, behavior, and skills needed to perform a job.” (2011) To me a coach is someone on that is above the person they are coaching. Such as a manager coaching a supervisor. The manager coaches the supervisor on how and what to do. They want to supervisor to be successful as it is a direct reflection of them. Also you want people that are under you be successful as that will mean less work for you. An example is if I have the agents that are on my team doing their job successfully that is less work for me. If I am not having to spend so much time teaching them as maintaining their performance, it is less work. It makes the workplace easier for the agents and their supervisor.

 While Chakravarty states that mentor “focuses on the individual and the conversation transcends more broadly into general work life.”(2011)  To mentoring is more laid back and bonds are created. Once you have the coaching out of the way. Meaning that you have someone performing at the right standards is where the mentoring would come in. In my line of work when you mentor an agent you are asking their career goals. Then in conversations you are telling them how to get there. Teaching them things they need to work on that are outside of their normal job performance. I also think that you can mentor someone that does not directly report to you. For example, I mentor a previous agent that was on my team. She moved in to a training role. We had an opening back into production as a team lead. I thought she would be great for the role. I started talking to her about the position and why I thought she would be great. I helped her with interview questions and got her ready to interview. She got the job and I have been helping her with pointers in her new role. She does not report to me any longer, yet I still help her so that to me is mentoring.


Chakravarthy, Pradeep. (2011). The Differences Between Coaching and Mentoring. Infosys. Retrieved from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/infosys/2011/12/20/business-leadership-for-smarter-org-2/#5fd03f5a4d9e