Business Communication for Success

Prepare: Review the six elements to check when revising documents in Chapter 7.2 of Business Communication for Success (Links to an external site.). Find an example of a business document (email, memo, report, proposal) that you have previously revised.Reflect: Think about the process you use for revising documents at work and/or assignments for your college classes. Take time to reflect on the steps you have taken (or not taken) when revising your work.Write: Answer the following questions about the document that you have selected:•    What is the document’s purpose(s)?•    How would you characterize the primary reader(s) of the document?•    Are there also secondary readers?•    What genre is the document (letter, email, report, flier, manual, etc.)?•    What steps could you take to revise the document to make it more effective for the intended audience?

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Business Communication for Success
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