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Business Ethics

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Assignment #5:  Ch. 9

Problem: ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS: You have put in a new computer security system. Despite the precautions, an unidentified company employee continues to violate the company non-disclosure agreement by posting proprietary information on a private blog. One of your IT employees, at home and without company authorization, discovers the blogger’s identity by hacking into the blog site’s ISP and then the blogger’s home computer, and shares the information with you. 

Issue: Whether you should use the information obtained by the hacker to discipline the blogger for violating the NDA.

Write a 1 to 1 ½ page paper stating what you would do using either the relationship lens or the reputation lens. The majority of your paper should be describing how you came to your decision through the lens that you chose. 

Use Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and reference the book.  

Your paper should:

1) be  1 ½  pages in length

2) contain appropriate and correctly formatted internal citations

3) a reference or works cited page

4) have 1” margins

5) have Times New Roman 12 pt font

You will lose a minimum of 20 points for incorrect internal citations and reference list. Be sure to check the Owl Purdue website for proper MLA or APA formatting.