Business Expansion Proposal

DO use the Template I attached.  Include information under all the headings.  Special note:  do NOT put a dollar amount to your pricing, only the number of person-hours you anticipate that this will take. please remove the name A associates from the template as its not requiredThe Problem described is for a client who is the owner of the immigration law firm. the website for this law firm is client wants to expand his business to other countries starting from brazil.All the information of what this immigration law firm does is on the website.the client’s team also markets his website individually and brings clients to him. the consultation is only done by the client.  his team does not do any consultations because they do not hold a valid licensethe client charges 150$ per hour consultation fees for immigration practices and for the review of already filled application he charges 500$.the revenue for this immigration firm is less than 50000$ a year for nowthe client has an Instagram profile as well.-, the firm has a Facebook page – client intends to promote his firm on social media platforms as well.the clients short term goal – how to expand his business and maintain the quallity of his service at the same time?clients long term goal – is to go to other countries,  run seminars on his firm, stay in other countries and resolve the customer queries and promote

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Business Expansion Proposal
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