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Reflective PromptSue Ann hired a guide through A-1 Adventures, LLC for a rafting excursion on the Sacramento River in California. At A-1’s office, Sue Ann signed a release that detailed potential hazards and risks, including “overturning”, “unpredictable” “currents”, “obstacles in the water” and “drowning”. The release clearly stated that her signature discharged A-1 from liability for all claims arising in connection with the trip. On the river, while attempting to maneuver around a rapid, the raft capsized. The current swept Sue Ann into a logjam where, despite efforts to save her, she drowned. Her son filed a suit against the rafting company alleging negligence.What are the arguments for and against enforcing the release that Sue Ann signed?Length: The response should be 500 wordsFor: Not voidable or void contract, and they reach an agreement.Against: can be considered as unconscionable contract. The contract is harsh, and she has no other choice to going to rafting until she sign the contract.

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