Career plan & company research


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Career plan & company research
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Career Plan & Company Research
Career Choice:
Write an analysis of how your choice of coursework and other activities will
prepare you to enter your preferred field. Indicate the skills that you are
trying to acquire that an employer would expect when hiring someone into
their company. Utilize the material that you have developed thus far
concerning your strengths and interests. Indicate how you can prepare
yourself to meet these expectations, including future courses that you will
take. For example, employers might seek candidates with the following:

  Leadership experience

  Community involvement

  Campus involvement

  Problem solving skill

  Teamwork skill

  High energy level

  Personal discipline

  Demonstrated interest and involvement in the field

  Writing skill


  Speaking and presentation skill

  Sales skill


  Interpersonal skills (i.e. dealing with people)

  Critical thinking skill (the ability to analyze situations and create
strategy or find/solve problems)

  Ability to complete tasks and deliver results
This is only a list of suggestions. Your answer could include things like:

  Summer internships

  Work study

  Join a campus professional club

  Work or volunteer for a community organization

  Lead a campus project

  Tutor other students

  Work at the University

  Attend career fairs

  Attend lectures by prominent guests of the University

Be specific!
Do not just say “join a club.” Which club? Why that club?  
What companies will you target for an internship?  What specific steps
will you take to get an internship? When will you launch your search?
How will you proceed on your search (use Career Success Center, etc.)?   
What networking tactics can you use?  
Company Research
Research a company, institution, or agency that hire people in a field that
you might like to work in. Provide the name of the company or entity and a
profile of its major products or services. Indicate the size of the organization
in sales dollars and people, and its geographic reach. Comment on the
growth potential of the company based on its industry and strengths. Explain
why you chose this particular company. If text is cut and pasted from a web
site, you must indicate the source in a footnote. Cut and pasted text does not
count towards your word count.
Word Count: 1000 (about 3.5 pages, double spaced)