Case 3.3 the aol acquisition of time warner (twx)


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C3.3.1 Merger announcement date: January 7, 2000


Stand-Alone Firms

                           Share Price             Number of Shares (in billions)              Market CapPremerger (in billions)

AOL                   72.88               ×                  2.6                                     =               $189.5

TWX                  64.75               ×                  1.4                                     =                   90.7

Total                                                                                                         =               $280.2


Combined AOL-TWX

New AOL shares for TWX stockholders = Exchange Ratio × TWX shares

                                                                  = 1.5                     × 1.4 billion

                                                                  = 2.1 billion

                   Share Price                Number of Shares (in billions)            Market Cap Post-Merger

                                                                                                                               (In billions)

“TWX”        $72.88                ×                     2.1                                   =            $153.1

AOL             $72.88                ×                    2.6                                    =            $189.5

Total                                                              4.7                                    =            $342.6


What was the premium paid by AOL for TWX?


C3.3.2 The value of AOL on September 10, 2002, was $13.36, and the number of shares outstanding was 4.45 billion. What was the decline in value of AOL from its immediate post-merger market capitalization?


C3.3.3 Explain the pro forma accounting adjustments (except for the miscellaneous items) as an example of purchase accounting.

                                                                 Debit (in billions)

TWX shareholders’ book equity                                                         $ 10.0

Other miscellaneous adjustments, net                                                   (30.9)

Goodwill and other intangibles                                                             174.0

Total pro forma debit adjustments                                                       $153.1

                                    Credit (in billions)

AOL common stock at par issued to pay for TWX                              $   0.1

Addition to AOL paid-in capital                                                            153.0

Total pro forma credit adjustments                                                      $153.1






C3.3.4 Calculate the percent of goodwill and other intangibles to total assets for AOL and for TWX premerger and for the pro forma combined company post-merger. Discuss.




C3.3.5 Calculate the percent of total liabilities and of shareholders’ equity to total assets for AOL and for TWX premerger and for the pro forma combined company post-merger. Discuss.