Causes and Effects of Global Pandemics

The purpose of this assignment is to look at the CAUSES AND EFFECTS of the bubonic plague in the 1300s and the Covid-19 outbreak of 2019-2021.  What are the underlying political, economic and environmental structures that created the conditions for the global stread of the bubonic plague of the 1300s in Europe and China?  How are these conditions similar and different to the Covid-19 pandemic global outbreak in Asia (China and India), Europe and the Americas? Where do pandemics emerge from? Where did the bubonic plague of the 1300s emerge from? Where did Covid-19 come from? How did both the bubonic plague and COvid-19 lead to mass rebellion and protests in the areas affected by the diseases?  Here is the last question to consider at the end of the essay:  Is our capitalist way of life (based on exploitation and profit accumulation) biologically sustainable? Explain. I will continue to add resources, but you have a basic foundation with the sources provided here. The purpose of the essay is to allow the past to shed light on the present with respect to the plagues of 1300s and the plague of 2019/2020.  Sources: videos, ebook chapter 11 and the two links to readings below Guidelines: 1)  At least 8 paragraphs 2) Have a works cited page 3) No more than 15% should be quotes from outside sources Here are the reading links about COvid-19. You can do research in addition but must use quotes and information from the below sources:

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Causes and Effects of Global Pandemics
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