Cellular Injury or Cellular Adaptation

Conduct a search on Google for recent news articles about cellular injury or cellular adaptation. Hint: put your selected term in quotation marks (i.e. “cellular injury”) then click the “News” tab below the search field. Select and read an article from the last 36 months. Prepare a summary (recommended word count 300) of the article including a complete APA citation.   Rubric HCR 240 Homework Assignments HCR 240 Homework Assignments Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Content 16 pts Level 4 The summary reveals pertinent and thoughtful information related to the article chosen. It expertly covers all areas and major points (limitations, pros and cons, discussion etc) 12 pts Level 3 The summary discusses pertinent information and includes thoughtful information and discussion. Most of the areas are included in the summary but may be missing 1. 8.01 pts Level 2 The summary discusses some information and includes basic content from the article. Some (2) major points may be missing in the summary or not included wholly. 4 pts Level 1 The summary is lacking significant detail or information from the article. Many (3+) key points are absent or not discussed fully regarding the article (limitations, pros and cons, discussion etc) 0 pts Level 0 The summary is significantly incomplete or lacks any critical thinking and depth. 16 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome APA Format 4 pts Level 4 APA format is expertly created with no errors. Article is within appropriate time frame. 3.01 pts Level 3 APA format is completed accurately with 1-2 errors noted. Article is within time frame. 2 pts Level 2 APA format is completed with some error (3-4). Article may be slightly outside of time frame but still pertains to topic of assignment. 1.01 pts Level 1 APA format is with many errors (4+). Article is significantly outside of time frame required. 0 pts Level 0 APA format is complete or does not resemble proper formatting. Article is not related to assignment and is outside of time frame. 4 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Grammar and Scholarly Composition 2.5 pts Level 4 Responses are written well and transition expertly. No grammatical errors are noted. 1.88 pts Level 3 Responses are written well with appropriate transitions. 1-2 Grammatical errors noted. 1.26 pts Level 2 Responses are written with some difficulty with transitions and overall sentence structure. 3-4 Grammatical errors noted. 0.62 pts Level 1 Responses are difficult to follow due to issues with sentence structure and transitions. 5+ grammatical errors noted. 0 pts Level 0 Responses are unable to be discerned or understood due to grammatical errors and issues with structure. 2.5 pts Total Points: 22.5

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Cellular Injury or Cellular Adaptation
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