Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer Job Report (25% of final grade): The purpose of this assignment is to explore the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in healthcare organizations. Students should research the literature and job banks and other job resources to determine the existence of current roles and jobs related to this position. Students should also search PubMed for articles on data governance as an essential aspect of healthcare information management. Students should explore how other industries incorporate this position into the corporate structure. The product should be a report on the expectations of this position, job qualifications including formal education, technical and other skills and work experience, reporting structure in the organization, and other information pertinent to the position. The report should stress the importance of data governance knowledge, highlight management as a critical strategic mission-critical resource, and discuss the potential pitfalls of ill-prepared CIOs. You will get more information in the week three learning module, and the assignment is due Sunday of week 6. The report should be at least two single-spaced pages in length and should include specific details. Explain every topic introduced. This document should not read like a list of talking points. It needs to be in your own words and demonstrate your understanding of the CIO’s role. 

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Chief Information Officer
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