Childcare System in Manitoba

Childcare system in ManitobaPolicy Issue Presentation. Identify a policy issue in Canada that is of interest to them and prepare a 20-minute presentation.The policy issue presentation must include:1- IntroductionA – Identification of the problem.B – Jurisdiction (i.e. level of government responsible for policy area);C – Magnitude of the problem (see page 88 in Miljian);D -Target population (which part of the population is affected); and, § Identify the actors in the policy community/network such as activists, interest groups, social movements, unions, academics and 7 so forth (see page 38 in Miljian) who are advocating government to (re)solve the problem.2 – Agenda-setting § Assess whether this issue is on the agenda for government to (re)solve (i.e. is the issue currently on the agenda and if so, is it high on the agenda or not? Was is on the agenda, then fell off the agenda and if so, why? Has it never been on the agenda, and if so, why not?) § Assess which actors defined above are most powerful in advocating for this policy issue and why they are most powerful.3 – Policy formulation § Identify whether a policy response(s) has been developed in response to the policy issue; § If so, assess the quality of the policy response and its ability to (re)solve the problem4 – Policy implementation § Identify what policy instrument(s) is(are) used in the policy response. § Explain the implementation of the policy response, if applicable.5 – Policy evaluation § Identify whether an evaluation of the policy response was completed and provide details (i.e. who completed the evaluation? What kind of evaluation was completed (see Miljian) and what were the key findings related to the success or inadequacy of the policy response?sources no older than 2015Lynda Miljin the textbook: Canadian public policySusan PrentticeKarane LevasseurRachel LangfordMarni BrownellLyndsay MacDonadK FlanaganEnns, J.EBrooke RichardsonMaureen HeamanEleoussa PolyzoiJ Beach

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Childcare System in Manitoba
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