Civil Right and Racial Discrimination

Op-Ed Paper Each student must write an Op-Ed piece of approximately 800 – 1,000 words.  Your Op-Ed should do the following:   1. State the issue you have chosen and specify why you believe it is an important social issue.  In particular, you need to discuss the negative consequences for both individuals and the larger society of the issue you have chosen.   For example: if you choose poverty as a social issue, you should state how many people are poor, what the poverty line is, whether or not the poverty rate has increased, etc.  More importantly, you should talk about how growing up poor affects one’s education, health, etc.  You would also need to discuss the negative impact of high poverty rates on the larger community/state/country.   You may certainly choose an issue related to the pandemic (for instance, unemployment or the quality of education during the pandemic), but do not choose “the pandemic” as an issue as it’s far too broad.   2. Be sure to use concrete examples to strengthen your arguments.  You may include personal experiences to support your arguments, but the Op-Ed should not solely be about your personal experiences.              For example: you could talk about the experience of someone you know that grew up poor.  Or you could discuss the experiences of poor individuals in an article you read.               3. Outline at least one proposed solution to the problem.  Explain why the solution would help reduce the severity of the problem.   For example: you could argue that a universal basic income would significantly reduce poverty.   4) Your piece should be well-written, concise, interesting, and grammatically-sound.  Be sure to support your assertions using class materials (lectures and reading) as well as legitimate outside sources.                            Please submit a 1-2 sentence proposal for your paper by 11:59 p.m. by Friday, January 8 (See the Op-Ed Paper module).  Everyone who does this in a timely fashion will receive 2 bonus points.  A rough draft of your Op-Ed is due at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 15.  It is worth 10 points.  For each day that the rough draft is late, two points will be subtracted from your grade.  The main reason I grade the rough draft is to ensure that people do it and take it seriously (and so I can give feedback that will help you get a better grade).  Therefore, I grade fairly leniently – as long as you address the questions, you should get a 9/10 or higher on the rough draft.               The final draft of the paper is due at 11:59 Thursday, January 21 and is worth 50 points.  If it is submitted late, I will deduct five points.  If it is not submitted by 11:59 on Friday, January 22, I will deduct five points and you will receive an incomplete.               The paper must be typed, doubled spaced, and have the proper margins.  Also, your paper should contain a works cited page.               Please Remember: If you use a direct quote from a reading, you must put it in quotation marks.  Otherwise, it is plagiarism and you will get a 0/50 for the paper.     Here is a link to a site with more suggestions for writing an effective Op-Ed.

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Civil Right and Racial Discrimination
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