Cmr 108 discussion 2 : the u.s. constitution

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Appendix A of the book (following p. 609) has a copy of the U.S. Constitution. Take some time to read through it and comment on the one clause that surprises you the most (e.g. a particular power granted or freedom protected) and discuss why it surprises you.  In other words, find something that you didn’t know was in the Constitution. Also, do a quick internet search on the clause/amendment so you can get some context. 

Note that there is a problem with the way that the text is set. The amendments to the Constitution appear to be a subsection of Article VII. They are not. Article VII was part of the original Constitution and then the 27 amendments were added later. The amendments are not part of Article VII. They should be referenced by their amendment number, e.g. the 14th Amendment.

1. Discuss why the clause interests you and some things you may not have known before.