Communications Media

Please read the following articles, found in Blackboard in the Communications Media folder in Course Documents):Don’t Take Notes With a Laptop,  Meuller & OppenheimerDoes it Have Buttons?, Jerry MetcalfThe Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard,  Meuller & OppenheimerDon’t Touch that Dial,  Vaughan Bell in the 21st Century(sounds like a lot, but most are just a couple of pages)Answer the following questions:1)  Do you find it easier to take notes by laptop or by hand?  Why?  Which do you think is more effective, both short term, and long term?2)  With all the media we deal with on a daily basis, do you feel people are more or less informed than people were, say, a generation ago?3)  Do you feel you  control the media, or are controlled by it?  Explain.

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Communications Media
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