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Compare/Contrast Written Report

Report Instructions

  • Compare and contrast the McGuine and Rowson articles posted online in the Protective Equipment section
    • Create a written report pertinent to building a case for or against the support of either papers findings:
    • Length guidelines are 5 pages  – can be more, but can’t be less
    • Use normal margins – double space – Arial 12 font
    • Must be typed and sent in via email also
    • Your name (first and last name) must be included in header on each page
    • Electronic file name – must be as follows: “Last Name_First Name –Report Aut2015”
    • References must be provided – primary references highly preferred

Report Grading Criteria:




Introduction: Develop an appropriate clinical viewpoint

Student utilized literature of the problem and background information to develop an appropriate EBP (evidence based practice) type of question and clinical viewpoint.  This will allow for a directed search of the current literature


Evidence: Utilize appropriate references and information to make evidence based approach to the problem

Student utilized an appropriate search engine and primary reference of information.   Student utilized peer-reviewed journals to formulate evidence based support.


Discussion: Accurate assessment of current EBP information

Compare/Contrast the information provided by the two articles by utilizing information to support student viewpoint Student drew evidence supported conclusions as to the indicated in the journal article.


References: Correct use of Journal of Athletic Training reference style

Student correctly follow Journal of Athletic Training format throughout the report.  Student cited and included proper referencing in JAT format.


Correct spelling and grammar

Student utilized appropriate grammar and spelling