Competitive analysis grids grid 1 – industry analysis grid using 5

Competitive Analysis Grids

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Grid 1 – Industry Analysis Grid Using 5 forces Model


Your New Venture: __Dessert food turck

 Number of the type of industry you are entering.

  1. Emerging
  2. Fragmented
  3. Mature
  4. Declining
  5. Global

My small business venture is in industry #___3__________(If you were starting a pizza service for students, this would be a mature industry.)


Using the questions in each of the Five Forces sections, fill out the following table by inserting an X in the box which reflects the level of the threat. These are threats to profitability within your industry. For example if you were starting a pizza business, the threat level for Force 1: Power of new entrants would probably be quite high – since so many want to enter the pizza business. And so on.

The 5 Forces

What are competitive threats to your new venture?



Level of Threat




Force 1: Power of new entrants

What are the barriers to entry and how easy are they to overcome?

What companies are likely to enter our industry and when are they likely to enter?




Force 2: Power of substitutes

What are the substitutes for our product?

How many customers would consider substitutes?





Force 3: Power of Suppliers

Can firms in the industry switch suppliers easily?

How many suppliers service the industry?

How important is suppliers’ quality and service to ours?

What is our bargaining power with suppliers?





Force 4: Power of customers

Who are the customers and how concentrated are they?

How fast is demand growing?

What are the possibilities for creating new markets or niches?




Force 5: Power of competitors

What are the major competitors and their characteristics?

How does each differentiate their product?

How competitive is the market?





Grid 2 – Competitor Analysis Grid

Compare two competitors working in the area of your own business venture. (For example, if you were starting your own pizza business, two competitors might be Pizza Hut and California Pizza. Think of some detail or comment to insert after each feature. Add other features as you think of them.


Product/competitor Feature

Competitor 1



Competitor 2




·        What is the competitor’s price?

·        What types of terms, discounts, and promotions does competitor offer?





Brand recognition



Ease of uses



Product Design/Uniqueness

·        How is competitor product/service different? Similar?

·        What features of competition’s product are superior?

·        What variety is offered.Selection?




Financial Condition

·        Is the competitor profitable?











·        Does the competition cater to mass or target market?

·        What are volume and market share of competitor?





·        How strong is the competitor’s management team?




Other Feature



Other Feature