Computer Mediated Communication

Watch the video ( Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) has increased in the past 10 years with the advent of high-speed Internet and now a plethora of social networking platforms and free or low-cost video conferencing solutions. There are two opposing arguments on the use of CMC: those who think CMC is connecting us more often, bridging geographic barriers, and embracing the global stage and those who think CMC is creating social isolation, engaging in more frequent but less meaningful communication (e.g., it is diminishing our social capital with regard to communication) and potentially over-communicating since participants are often only a click away. Think about all of the uses of CMC, the different types of work environments, and certain situations where CMC may be used (e.g., HR matters such as being terminated from a position, or giving performance feedback to a staff member, or non-HR scenarios such as staff meeting or meeting with a client for the first time). What are your thoughts; does CMC divide or combine, connect or separate?The video is on youtube ted talk called connected, but alone? by sherry turkle

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Computer Mediated Communication
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