Consumer behavior reflection paper | Business & Finance homework help

Write a reflection paper summarizing what you learned about consumer behavior in this class. A reflection paper is a minimum of four paragraphs that includes the following:

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***Here are the four topics that I would like to be discussed: 1. Subcultures; 2. Advertising Perception in movies; 3. Internal influences on consumer behavior; 4. the consumer decision-making process******

  • Paragraph 1: Write a brief summary of the topics that were covered in this class. What types of online activities were conducted (hands-on, role-playing, debates, discussions, etc)? What steps did you take to participate in these activities? What academic skills did this assignment require you to demonstrate?
  • Paragraph 2: What was your level of participation in class? What were your strengths in completing these activities? What were your challenges? How will you overcome these types of challenges in the future?
  • Paragraph 3: Identify at least one thing that you have learned that you will take with you from this course.
  • Paragraph 4: Identify the chapter or activity that had the greatest impact on your view on consumer behavior.  Why/how was this important to you? Include how your view of consumer behavior has changed.