Corporate Governance

The OECD Principles of Corporate Governance are focused on broad structural issues in a national corporate governance framework, whereas corporate governance is discussed in chapter 3 of your textbook as more of a company-by-company issue.Write a 2 – 3 page essay (500 – 750 words) on the following subject:What is the role of the corporate accountant in corporate governance, and how does that fit into the OECD framework and/or the textbook framework?Be sure to cite your references using APA style. You will submit your answer via TurnItIn, an anti-plagiarism program. When you submit it, you can see a report that will identify places where you may have plagiarized (or had spelling and grammar mistakes). You can turn it in once to view your report. You can submit it a second time after revisions if necessary.

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Corporate Governance
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