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The Sisyphean Corporation is considering investing in a new cane manufacturing machine that has an estimated life of three years. The cost of the machine is​ $30,000 and the machine will be depreciated straight line over its​ three-year life to a residual value of​ $0.   The cane manufacturing machine will result in sales of 2100 canes in year 1. Sales are estimated to grow by 10​% per year each year through year 3. The price per cane that Sisyphean will charge its customers is $ 19 each and is to remain constant. The canes have a cost per unit to manufacture of $ 9 each. Installation of the machine and the resulting increase in manufacturing capacity will require an increase in various net working capital accounts. It is estimated that the Sisyphean Corporation needs to hold 3​% of its annual sales in​ cash, 4​% of its annual sales in accounts​ receivable, 9​% of its annual sales in​ inventory, and 7​% of its annual sales in accounts payable. The firm is in the​ 35% tax bracket and has a cost of capital of 9​%. The required net working capital in the second year for the Sisyphean​ Corporation’s project is closest​ to: Get Finance homework help today

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