Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

Topic Assignment: Correlation Does Not Equal CausationA human resources professional services firm, with access to employee data from Xerox and other firms made the insight that “Users of the Chrome and Firefox browsers make better employees. Among hourly employees engaged in front-line service and sales-based promotions, those who use these two custom Web browsers perform better on employment assessment metrics and stay on longer. The suggested explanation is that “The fact that you took the time install [another browser]…shows that you are an informed consumer…that you care about your productivity and made an active choice.” (Taken from Predictive Analytics, Eric Siegel, page 129). Discuss whether this analysis of the data is flawed or if the correlation implies the causation.Cite course materials in developing your answer. Use direct in text quotes only. Please use the attachments URLs to watch the videos and only use these as references.Format-apa : Intro, body, conclusion layout

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Correlation Does Not Equal Causation
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