COVID Issues: Students access to School

-My topic is COVID issues: Students access to school.-My target population is Elementary schools in urban settings Baltimore City-Submit a 2 page outline I need the outline by 2/13/20211). Description of the Problem-Problem you will address-Problem Statement – Succinctly describe the issue of concern-Brief Elaboration – if needed, 1-2 paragraphs that provide further explanation of your problem statement-Population Affected – Briefly discuss the impact of the problem. List the parties(populations, organizations, community) affected by category, not by name, describe how the party is affected, and the party’s level of concern about the problem.-Describe the characteristic of the community that make it vulnerable to this problem and the strengths that give the community resilience and the potential for overcoming the problem.2) Review of Social Work and Related Literature — Use at least 8 scholarly referred sources and be sure to address relevant factors of race, class, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, and other factors related to social justice.-History of the Problem-Origin-Evolution over Time/Current Status-Potential Causal Factors-Potential Contributing Factors-Cause/Effect Inter-relationships-Factors Supporting and Discouraging Change –Interventions – What interventions have been used to address this problem oropportunity? What is the efficacy of these interventions?3)  Evidence of the Existence of the Problem or Opportunity-What data are available to document the scope of the problem? i.e. Census data, state & fed agencies data-What is the incidence and prevalence? Other relevant statistics (e.g. cost to taxpayer)  What data are desirable but unavailable? Describe.-Qualitative Analysis. Describe the problem or opportunity from the perspective of those affected (as you identified them in part 1).4). Analysis-Develop the problem/opportunity statement, identify the barriers to problem resolution, and develop a problem resolution statement.-Based on your current understanding, what are possible interventions that might be used by the community you have selected? Describe this intervention in general terms.-Briefly explain the reasons why you think this intervention would solve the identified problem.

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COVID Issues: Students access to School
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